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Part Twelve: Pede-what?

So, as you know by now, Zeus and Jupiter are synonymous. And apparently, astronomers have kind of a sense of humor, because they named all four of Jupiter's large moons after people Zeus/Jupiter seduced. So let's talk about 'em!

First, there's Callisto, who I've actually already talked about. She was the attendant of Artemis who got turned into a bear when the Boss Lady found out she wasn't a virgin anymore. She managed to get a moon AND a constellation named for her. Not too shabby.

Then, there's Ganymede. Zeus fell in love with this beautiful, graceful, mortal boy. Hello sailorCollapse )


Part Eight: Now With 100% Less Incest

This is the story of Apollo and Artemis, a twin brother and sister who do not fuck at any point.

Their mother was Leto, the daughter of two Titans and thus a minor goddess in her own right. She and Zeus had a fling which got her pregnant, and inevitably Hera found out about it. I guess maybe she was on the rag that week or something, because she got particularly pissed off and pretty much vowed to make Leto's life a living hell. Your blame is misplacedCollapse )

Congratulations, you have now reached the very end of the Internet. Seriously, you could be doing so many better things with your life than checking out my mundane little doings! But anyway,now that you're here, BEHOLD! Okay, so there's not that much to behold, but perhaps I can amuse you, for I have many issues, as you will notice if you've been around me for a while.
My journal is friends only. This is not because I'm an elitist bitch, it's simply because I don't like it when anonymous losers come in here and say stupid Kindergarten shit. If you would like to read my journal, comment and add me and I will be happy to add you back (assuming you're not psycho or retarded.) The more the merrier!

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